Give Financially

There are 17 million blind people in China. Most of whom are not able to support themselves, and consequently are a burden to society if no one steps in to help them. We aren’t going to solve the problem ourselves, but at least we can help make a difference. 99% of donations from people just like you are directly sent overseas to provide grants/ scholarships, financial support to organizations or schools or other direct ministry related efforts to change the real lives. We need your help to make all this happen. Just $35 dollars a mouth can change the life of one student forever.


在中國有1700萬以上的盲人需要各樣的支持和幫助. 請讓他們因著來自於您的愛心奉獻而能自食其力, 不成為社會的負擔. 雖然我們基金會的能力有限, 不能夠負擔所有的需求, 但至少我們的參與已經開始讓情況有所改變. 來自像您一樣的捐助者可以透過我們基金會將捐贈的99%直接匯至海外的組織、學校和相關的福音機構, 以提供助學金、獎學金和財務支持來努力改變他們的現實狀況. 我們需要您的支持才能讓所有的人得到幫助而改變他們的窘況. 一個月只要35美元就可以徹底的重塑一個學生的命運.

If you would like to donate, please call our office or email us and we would love to help you through the process.
如果您願意為他們奉獻, 請致電我們的辦公室或發送電子郵件給我們, 我們很樂意幫助您完成您的愛心行動. 

Headquarters in USA 美國總部

1860 Tyler Ave,
South El Monte, CA 91733
Tel: 626-379-2955
Fax: 626-401-3851

If you prefer to donate online, please click the link below. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards at the current time since they charge us a fee and our goal is to utilize the entire donation. The online donation will require you to connect with your bank and the transfer will be wired directly to our account. Thank you for your understanding.

如果您想在線捐贈, 請點擊下面的鏈接. 非常遺憾, 我們目前無法接受信用卡, 因為他們會向我們收取費用, 這與我們希望將捐款盡可能全部用於受助者的目標是相悖的. 在線捐款將需要您通過您的銀行賬戶直接轉賬到我們的銀行帳戶. 感謝您的理解.

You can also send your donations directly to us at the account below.


Life Light Educational Foundation
Bank: Cathay Bank
Acct. #: 03-028-976
Routing Number (domestic wire): 1222-03950
Routing Number (international wire): CATHUS6L

Give Your Time

We do need personnel help from time to time and would love to get your information and talk to you if you want to give your time to Life Light. Whether it’s in the USA or overseas, we want to know how God has moved you to get involved. If you would like to volunteer or feel called to serve with Life Light part time or full time, please call us or email us and let’s talk. We are excited you want to be part of the team!


我們非常需要志願者的加入. 如果您對我們生命光教育基金會的事工有負擔, 我們真誠地邀請您和我們見面交談, 彼此加深了解. 無論您是在美國還是在海外, 我們都想知道神如何感動帶領您參與我們的事工. 如果您想要成為生命光的兼職或全職的同工, 請打電話或發電子郵件給我們, 讓我們有機會來分享彼此的看見, 我們很高興能有與您一起同工的機會!

Give Your Prayers

Last but not least, we need people who are committed to praying for us and our activities. Please contact us and we can connect with you on how to pray for us and we can add you to our mailing list so you know what activities are coming up next. We can’t do any of this without God’s help and we know he hears the cries of his people. Please consider giving your prayers and strengthening us in our mission!


最後, 也是很重要的一項, 我們需要致力於為我們的團隊和我們的事工代禱的弟兄姊妹的支持. 請與我們聯絡, 好讓您知道如何為我們代禱. 同時, 我們可以將您加入到我們的郵件列表中, 以便您隨時了解我們目前的活動. 沒有神的幫助, 就不會有生命光的今天, 神聆聽我們的哭求, 祂的供應總是超出我們的所求所想. 請加入我們的禱告大軍, 為我們的使命和所行之事代禱, 求神加添力量來堅固我們!