Dear Life Light Friends,

It was a pleasure to see many of you at this year’s sharing dinner party hosted on, October 29. With much gratitude I can report, 70 friends kindly attended the event and enjoyed the delicious food throughout the evening. Highlights of the night include sharing our vision for the future of Life Light Educational Foundation. We are shifting our focus to diversify our ministry away from predominantly concentrating on the blind in China, in order to support other organizations ministering to the blind. Our younger co-workers also presented on what has transpired within our ministry, since last year’s sharing dinner.

William shared that late last November he and Ines, representing our 5 blind students in China, went to Southwest Seminary to attend the Masters of Theology Study graduation ceremony. Soon after, they went to Taiwan to join our Life Light Music Group’s Christmas lunch party and visited our Taiwan office the next day.

Edith shared about her experiences joining the ministry and visiting two local organizations serving the blind community. Life Light ministry has financially supported these organizations. Ines, Edith, Yinuo and I went to visit Braille Institute and Lutheran Braille Workers in January and April of this year. We all learned a great deal about their operations and the visits turned out to be very fruitful. Hopefully, Life Light can continue to build stronger working relationships with them in the near future.

Yinuo emphasized her personal involvement working with Life Light ministry. She shared about our education ministry and online mission and how both are still going strong. She made specific mention about a blind student, by the name of Nina Tong, who completed her study and graduated from one of the top broadcasting Universities in China. She also completed her master’s degree this past summer and the Life Light ministry was proud to support her. Lastly, Yinuo discussed the online ministry and how smoothly it continues to operate despite some disruptions from the Chinese government from time to time. Currently, the focus is to spend more time promoting Life Light’s LL Radio online station in Los Angeles. It is our hope to have more visually impaired people listening and enjoying our outstanding radio programs.

Catherine concluded the evening by informing our guests about our annual short-term missions trip, which occurred in the summer. Even though is was a smaller event, the outcome was similar to past short-term missions trips, which was abundant and fruitful.

Please join us in prayer that God will continue to bless our ministry and provide us with many more years of blessing. You may go to the following link to enjoy some photos and videos about our dinner party and sharing power point:



In Him,


William Lei



很高兴在今年10月29日举办的感恩餐會上见到你们。我懷著感激的心情向你們報告,有70位朋友盛情出席了这次聚會,並一起享用了美食。 当晚分享生命光教育基金会未来的愿景是我們的重點之一。 我们正在将重心转移到更多元化的事工上,不再只关注主要在中国的盲人,也開始支持其他地區为盲人服务的機構。 我们年轻的同工们也介绍了自去年感恩餐會以来我们事工中的進展。

William分享了去年11月底,他和Ines代表我们在中国的5名盲人学生前,往西南浸信會神学院参加神学研究硕士毕业典礼。 之后,他们就去台湾参加我们生命光藝術团的圣诞午餐会,并于第二天参观了我们台湾的办公室。

Edith分享了她加入该事工并参观两个當地为盲人服务的機構的经历。 生命光事工一直为这兩個幾個提供財務支持。 今年一月、四月,我和Ines、Edith、以诺去拜访了盲人學校和路德盲文印刷廠。 我们对他们的运作有了很多了解,这次访问非常富有成效。 希望生命光在不久的将来能够继续与他们建立更牢固的合作关系。

以诺著重在她个人参与生命光事工的得著,並且她也分享了我们在中國的教育方面和在網絡宣教方面的事工,這兩項事工仍然非常的蓬勃。 她特别提到了一位名叫董麗娜的盲人学生,她完成了学业并毕业于中国顶尖的傳媒大学之一。 她在今年夏天完成了硕士学位,生命光事工很荣幸能够支持她的學業。 最后,以諾介紹說尽管在中国政府时不时地對我們的網絡宣教事工造成一些干扰,但它仍能顺利运作。 目前,我們之後的重要任務是花更多时间推广 生命光在洛杉矶成立的廣播電台 LL Radio。 我们希望有更多的视障人士收听并享受我们优秀的广播节目。

凯瑟琳在晚會结束时跟大家分享了我们今年夏天的短宣之旅。 虽然活动规模较小,但其成果与以往的短期宣教之旅类似,内容丰富、碩果累累。

邀请您一起為我們的事工禱告,求神继续祝福帶領我们的事工。您可以点击以下链接来欣赏我们晚宴的一些照片和视频以及分享power point: