Dear Life Light Friends,

Peace in the Lord! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! To observe his birth (Christmas) and resurrection day (Easter) are two of the most meaningful celebration events for Christians. Without Him, there would be no salvation.

In the last two months, our ministry in China was interrupted by government officials who tried to disrupt what God’s plan. However, with proper advance planning and careful handling, our ministry managed to get back up and running. Let me share with you what has been happening in our ministry over the last six months.

Late last November, Ines and I, representing our 5 blind students in China, went to Southwestern seminary to celebrate their Masters of Theology graduation ceremony. Right after this trip, we went to Taiwan to take care of some personal affairs. While in Taiwan, we were able to join our Taiwan Life Light Music Group’s Christmas lunch party and visited our Taiwan office. When we returned to the states, we visited a couple blind organizations as part of our plan to diversify our ministry outside of China.  Ines, Edith, Yinuo and I went to visit Braille Institute and Lutheran Braille Workers in January and April. We all learned so much about their operations and the visits turned out to be very fruitful in growing our ministry. Hopefully, Life Light can build even closer working relationships with them in the near future. In March we had a zoom meeting between Life Light ex-short term mission members and Zheng Zhou Blind High School students. It was a combination of pre-recorded Sunday worship video and some students’ talent show.

Thankfully, we will still be having our annual short-term mission team this coming summer. It will consist of some teachers from the U.S. and some from China. The program will be held at the same as prior years and will be a much smaller team this time.  Our other programs, such as on line mission and education ministry, are still in normal operation. All we need is to handle them carefully, due to the concerns over the China government.

Please join us in prayer that God will continue to bless our ministry and have many more blessing years to come.

(You may go to the following links to enjoy some photos/videos about our events   )


In Him,

William Lei



主內平安! 盼望望你們都度過了一個美好的復活節!紀念耶穌的誕生和復活是基督徒最有意義的兩個慶祝活動。 沒有祂,就沒有救恩。

在過去的兩個月裏,我們在中國的事工被政府官員攪擾,他們試圖破壞上帝在國內所成立的工作。 然而,因為同工們提前有應對的計劃和謹慎的處理,我們的事工得以恢復並繼續。 讓我與您分享過去六個月我們事工中發生的事情。

去年11月下旬,我和Ines代表我們在中國的5名盲人學生去西南浸信會神學院參加他們的神學碩士畢業典禮。 這次旅行結束後,我們去臺灣處理一些個人事務。 在臺灣期間,我們有機會參加臺灣盲福會,生命光藝術團的聖誕午餐會並參觀了我們的臺灣辦事處。 當我們回到美國後,我們拜訪了幾個盲人組織,作為我們在中國之外,實現事工多元化計劃的一部分。 Ines、Edith、以諾和我在一月和四月分別去拜訪了盲文研究所和路德會盲文工作坊(印刷廠)。 我們都學到了很多關於他們的工作的運作的知識,而這次訪問對我們事工的發展非常有幫助。 希望在不久的將來,生命光能與他們建立更緊密的合作關系。 三月份,生命光以前的短宣隊成員和鄭州盲校的學生學生進行了一次zoom會議。 我們預先錄製的主日崇拜需要的詩歌,以及雷會長對學生的問候和見證信息,學生們也預備了精彩的才藝表演。

值得慶幸的是,今年夏天我們的短宣得以恢復。 短宣隊員將由一些來自美國的老師和一些來自中國的老師組成。雖然這次的團隊規模比往年要小得多,但短宣計劃和教學內容將與往年相同。 我們的其他計劃,例如在線宣教和教育,仍在正常運作。 考慮到中國政府對我們的關註,我們也需要非常小心謹慎地進行。