Dear Life Light Friends:

It’s the joyful holiday season again. Our annual thanksgiving/sharing dinner party went very well this year.  We are so grateful that we were able to resume it again. We would like to thank you all for coming out and supporting us despite the COVID threat.

At the party we shared following important events:

1.We are shifting our mission to diversify our ministry away from concentrating on the blind in China and are slowly starting to be involved with organizations in other countries.

2.We helped provide scholarships to some blind students seeking higher educational opportunities in China in the last few years. We recently assisted two blind students to study abroad.

3.We still partner with China Theology Seminary in Taiwan. There are 5 students who will graduate and obtain their masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Seminary this year.

4.A company called, Life Light Ai Mang Culture was formed as a cover for our other online ministry because the government wants to keep more strict control over online operations.

Thank you Life Light friends for your help and support throughout these past 15 years. Your encouragement and affirmation give us strength to walk on this uneasy path of ministry. (You may go to our Website to learn more about our operation)

Our ministry would not be possible without your generous donations and support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


In Him,

William Lei



又到了充滿歡樂節日的季節。今年我們的感恩節分享晚宴進行得非常順利。能夠再次恢復這次聚會,讓我們非常感恩。我們要感謝大家不顧 COVID 威脅前來支持我們。






感謝生命光的朋友們15年來的幫助和支持。您的鼓勵和肯定給了我們力量,使我們的事工可以繼續走在這條艱難的路上。 (您可以訪問我們的網站 以瞭解有關我們運營的更多資訊。)