Dear Life Light friends:

This year’s Thanksgiving sharing party, held on Nov. 5th, was very successful. There were around 80 friends who attended our party despite the COVID threat.   At the party we made an important announcement.  We are shifting our vision to diversify our ministry away from concentrating on the blind in China to be involved with other countries and organizations, such as Braille Institute and Lutheran Braille Workers in the United States.  We already notified our Chinese co-workers that they have to be able to self support after 2026. We will only be consultants and trouble shooters rather than running their daily operations. Life Light will only be a donor instead of their full financial supporter. Below are the activities that took place in the last three years during COVID.

1.Our church had to cancel the summer short term mission program this year again. We originally planned to have a zoom meeting with our  Zheng Zhou blind high school students on Oct. 15th, but it was canceled due to COVID issues. We will see what we can do to accommodate our original plans. We know God always provides us with more than we ask for!

2.Educational Ministry:

In terms of professional education, we’ve had another expansion! In addition to helping some blind students seeking higher educational opportunities in China for the last few years, we’ve recently assisted two blind students to study abroad. One has enrolled at a college in Northern Ireland for her masters degree, majoring as a special assistant to the visually impaired. We had a chance to meet her in Belfast on April 15 during our trip to the British islands. This meeting brought her some encouragement since she is studying abroad alone. The other student is studying in a university near London. He will finish his master degree majoring in music creation next year. His plan is to pursue a doctorate degree next. 

3.Theology education

The program of encouraging blind students to engage in studying theology is going very well. We still partner with China Theology Seminary in Taiwan. We are also supporting 9 blind students who enrolled in the master of Theology Study program in Southwestern Baptist Seminary’s Chinese department.  There are 5 students who will graduate and obtain their degree this year.  It is our prayer that there will be more blind willing to take this opportunity to equip themselves in the future. After they finish their theology study, we encourage them to build a fellowship group at their hometown or city that they are working.  So far they have  built over 10 fellowship groups through out China.

4.The music evangelistic ministry in Taiwan is stable as well. There was a short period of time that most churches were closed, but they are back to normal now.

5.Online ministry:

In the beginning of this year, the Chinese government announced more strict control over online operations, effective March 1.  Therefore, we formed a company called, Life Light Ai Mong Culture. Our hope is to use it as a cover for our other online ministry. We hope this will result in our online mission growing even stronger after we overcome all difficulties.

Other than what we’ve reported above, we are happy to inform you that so far Life Light is still going strong! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Life Light friends for your help and support throughout these past 15 years. Without you we would not have been able to accomplish all of our achievements. 

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In Him,

William Lei