Dear Lifelight friends:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Lifelight friends for your help and support throughout these past 10 years. Without you we would not have been able to accomplish the many achievements, which are highlighted in the slide show (link shown below). This year’s Thanksgiving/sharing dinner party, held on Nov. 4th, was very successful. There were around 130 friends who attended our party.  In addition to enjoying the fine food, our guests were also impressed with the bi-lingual program.  It was created by our newly assembled advisors and board members after several meetings. We hope this type of bi-lingual program can attract more young adults who may be interesting in our ministry. Below are some important activities that happened this year.

At our first stop for this year’s STM trip, we went to Zheng Zhou Blind School. As usual, we taught them English massage terms, sang hymns and introduced Western culture, etc.  We also took students on an outing trip. They had a lot of fun riding in an air boat while touring the Yellow River. On the last Sunday, we requested the school to allow us to have a real Sunday worship service at the school, so students could experience the important western cultural event. As a result, 21 out of 40 students accepted Christ after William made the call during the service.  Our biggest challenge was how to continue the follow- up work since it is very far from our base in Beijing.  We invited our co-workers from Xin Xiang to join our STM trip this time. Hopefully, they can improve the follow-up work since it is much closer to Zheng Zhou.

After the successful and exciting STM experience in Zheng Zhou, we headed for our next stop- Beijing.  We had a different plan for our Beijing trip this past year. Instead of concentrating on the Blind High School, we arranged a short visit to the Beijing Union College and Beijing Blind High School. We had lunch and dinner with the students that we are currently supporting. During the short visit, we had great conversations with them and our hope is that they felt the love of God. Another activity in Beijing involved a reunion gathering with the blind students who’ve already graduated and started working. We hosted a baked Beijing duck dinner with around 30 students. In addition, we also set up a 3 day/two night summer camp with our supported local church. There were around 30 blind students and 30 sighted people who attended the camp. We all had a great time together!

The program of encouraging blind students to engage in studying theology is going very well. There are three overseas schools that are currently involved with us. We also made a connection with one of top U.S. seminary’s that are offering graduate school programs for Chinese missionaries. We are supporting 3 students (two blind and one sighted) who are enrolled in their master degree program.  It is our prayer that there will be more blind students willing to take this opportunity to equip themselves in the future.

Because our Lifelight music worship team had a very successful tour in L.A. two year ago, we were invited to lead three music worship services this coming Dec. at the Chinese Mission Conference. It is an honor to participate in this upcoming event with the expected 4,000 gathering. We will then continue our evangelistic tour to visit churches/organizations in both the L.A. and Orange County areas, in the extended 4 weeks trip. We hope the congregation will be touched as usual, when they hear the worship team sing hymns, play musical instruments and share about our ministry to the visually impaired Chinese. Please pray that this 2017/2018 music evangelistic trip will be as successful as it was in the past and glorify our Lord.

You may go to the links below to enjoy some photos/videos from our events this past year. Please pray for us to continue to have many more blessed years to come.

In Him,

William Lei

President of Life Light Educational Foundation

Please see below two links:

The slide show to celebrate our 10th year anniversary:


The video show for our 10th year thanksgiving/sharing dinner party