Dear Lifelight friends:

With the new year ahead of us, Lifelight has following vision/mission we would like to accomplish this year.

We are helping around 19 students transfer to The Vocational High School for the Blind in Zheng Zhou for the Spring Semester. Our co-worker will be in Zheng Zhou to help those new students enrollment late February /early March. This is first time we ask this school to accept new students during the school year. And they are kindly enough to cooperate with us.

We will have our Summer Short Term Mission trip in Zheng Zhou instead of in Beijing this year. This is a new experiment. And we will need your pray support.The principal is not a believer yet, but we are allowed to tell Christian story and teach hymns by introducing the American history/culture. We will have to be alerted and make sure we will not touch the boundary line.

We think this is time we should start a school of our own. After two months of research for the location site an size of the school. Take into consideration of our limited budget and manpower,, we most likely will start one year training program near by Beijing. We think if we can have the students for one whole year under our administration . We should have ample time to introduce Christ to them.

We will also host a National Convention for the blind Christians this Summer. Main purpose is to provide training class to improve their theology knowledge. We plan to have no more than 60 participants join us. At the same time we will participate the 10th anniversary Sunday service for the biggest church for the blind congregation.

There will be around 30 blind students start to enroll a two year class in Feb. which we will work together with a Seminary school in Taiwan. Students can learn all classes from the Website thru the computer which is a blessing because blind students don’t have to go the campus to take classes.

We also sponsor a Blind Quartet Worship Team which is formed last October. And they are under the practice period right now. We hope they can finish their first record and start their worship tour late part of this year.

Please pray for us that we can continue to have a blessing year.

In Christ,
William Lei