Life Light Foundation Ministry


Ever since we started, Life Light has been dedicated to the following projects

生命光教育基金會自成立以來, 一直致力於以下幾個方面的事工

Providing scholarships and grants to two types of students:

  • Blind students studying in universities and vocational high schools, most of whom are in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy, and a small group that is studying the piano tuning profession.
  • Blind or sighted Christians, who have a passion to study theology and attend seminary in the United States, China or Taiwan. We support them to be equipped for future gospel work.


  • 給在大學和中專裡就讀的盲人學生, 其中, 大部分是學習中醫, 針灸和推拿的, 小部分是學習調音專業的.
  • 給有呼召的盲人或對盲人福音事工有負擔的弟兄姊妹就讀美中台的神學院, 以備將來他們可以做福音方面的事工.

Providing financial support to organizations:

  • We provide financial support to organizations who are working with handicapped or poor students to reach students educational goals.

  • Financing churches and blind fellowship groups who do the hands on work of following up with the people we support to make sure they succeed.


  • 以經濟支持來參與對殘障或貧窮者的教育有關的機構, 來達到我們對教育事工的異象.
  • 資助對盲人福音有負擔的教會和盲人團契, 以便他們能夠探訪和跟進那些已決志信主的盲人.


  • Short Term Summer Trips:
    Each summer , we form a short-term mission team with some overseas Chinese to visit blind students and schools in China. The team hosts summer camps at different locations so the gospel seeds can be sown through the teaching of English massage terms and songs.
  • Online learning :
    Our current and future project is to build an online learning platform where blind people can learn professional skills such as acupuncture, massage and music; and give blind Christians the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn theology through the online courses and resources.
  • Music Ministry:
    Since 2015, we have made arrangements for our Life Light Blind Music group to tour in North America and share their evangelistic message through music. By doing this have encouraged believers in North America, spread the gospel and raised working funds for our ministry in China.


  • 短宣隊:
    每年組織和安排暑期短宣隊去中國, 帶領一些有愛心的海外華人去中國探訪盲人學生, 舉辦夏令營, 透過教導他們中英文按摩術語和詩歌, 將福音的種子傳給他們.
  • 網絡教學:
    在生命光教育基金會的網站中, 將會建立網絡平台, 讓更多的盲胞學習職業技能, 如針灸, 推拿和音樂;同時也讓盲人弟兄姊妹有機會能聽福音和學習神學, 裝備自己, 為神使用.
  • 音樂事工:
    自2015年以来, 我们已經組織安排了生命光藝術團到北美的巡回音樂佈道分享會。通过音樂來分享他們的生命見證, 傳揚福音, 激勵北美的信徒, 并为我们在中国的事工筹集了工作资金.