Life Light Educational Foundation wants to shed light in areas where people are in need. Our vision is to provide support for those who are needy so that they can keep their faces toward the sunshine and not be limited by their shadows. Life Light has a particular burden for those who are sight impaired. A pillar of our philosophy is that everyone should be given the opportunity to receive education. Our aim is to provide the aid necessary to achieve that education to those who have financial and/or physical hardships.


生命光教育基金會是秉承教育是立國立人之本的信念創立的. 我們的宗旨是為了幫助渴慕受教育的殘疾人士和經濟上有困難的學生, 用知識點亮他們的人生,使他們能夠走出黑暗, 迎向光明.


Established in 2007 Life Light was formed after the founder, William Lei, came across a blind vocational high school in 2005. William decided to provide financial assistance by granting scholarships, purchasing supplies and equipment, and developing infrastructure improvements. But as time went by, due to the tremendous growth of the school, the need became greater and greater. William soon learned there were more than 17 million other blind people in China who needed help too. He felt strongly that the time had come to form a charitable organization due to the high demand of other people who wanted to get involved and shared Life Light’s vision. The requirement had surpassed William’s ability to efficiently run the ministry alone.

Just when William was wondering how to materialize his dream. In 2007, he and his wife were visiting Israel. One night, he shared about their project of helping Blind youth education in China. After he shared, two couples came to him and expressed their willingness to support this project. However, he turned down their kindness with thanks because there was no charitable organization formed yet. Two days later, one of the couples who were in their 80s came to William again. They insisted on helping and handed over a $1,000 check. They said ”we’ve always wanted to do something for our own people, but we don’t know which organization is legitimate. We trust you will use our donation wisely for the blind youth who are in need. We want to commit that we will support 3 blind students’ living expenses as long as we are able to.”

After William discussed it with friends and relatives, they all overwhelmingly suggested he form a non-profit organization, so more people could participate in this meaningful ministry. The need was too big for him and his wife to handle alone. After several discussions, his wife did not only agree with his vision, but also gave the foundation a name: Life Light. The meaning derived from a verse in the Bible; “Jesus is the light of the world, whoever follows him will never walk in the darkness, but have the light of life. “ The Life Light Educational Foundation was formally established.

Throughout the past 11 years, with the help of our donors and co-workers contributions and effort, Life Light continues to grow in different directions. By working with 3 blind Vocational High Schools, more than 3000 blind youth have earned the education they needed so they will no longer be a burden to their families and society. There are more than 200 blind people now enrolled in college and graduate school programs directly as a result of Life Lights work. In 2009, we established a blind activity center in China. That same year, we formed a short term mission team, made up of mostly youth from the United States who traveled overseas to teach and encourage the schools and students. These short term trips, one of the highlights of our foundation, have continued every summer since then. We also support two blind congregation churches and have established several fellowship groups in China. In 2012, William co-founded another organization, Mission for Blind Chinese. Through these two organization, thousands of blind people have had the opportunity to hear and accept the good news of the gospel. See the “What we do” section to hear more about what we are doing today!


成立於2007年的生命光, 是創始人雷玉林先生在2005年, 一個偶然的機會, 在一家盲人職業高中發現他們有很多的學生因貧困而休學. 於是, 雷先生決定提供獎學金, 並在購買用品、設備以及開展基礎設施改進等方面提供經濟資助. 但隨著學校的壯大發展, 需求也越來越大. 並且, 雷玉林了解到, 中國還有超過一千七百萬的盲人同胞需要幫助. 他強烈地感覺到他個人的力量終究有限, 衷心地希望社會上對盲人有負擔的愛心人士能夠積極的參與進來, 以幫助到更多的有需要的殘疾和貧困的華人子弟.

正當雷先生在尋求如何來實現他的這個願望的時候, 2007年, 他和他的妻子參加了一個去以色列的旅行團. 一天晚上, 他分享了他們夫婦幫助中國盲人青少年受教育的計劃. 其後, 兩對夫婦來到他身邊, 表示願意支持這個項目. 他非常感謝他們的愛心支持, 但是因沒有一個機構可以來接受捐贈, 他只能暫時婉拒他們的善意. 兩天後, 其中一位82歲的姐妹再次來找雷先生, 交給他一張1000美元的支票, 並說“我們總想為自己的同胞做些事情. 但我們不知道哪個組織是真正在做公義活動的組織. 我們相信你會將我們的捐贈明智的用於有需要的盲人青年. 我們承諾, 在我們的有生之年將一直支持三名盲人學生的生活費用.”

在雷先生與親朋好友討論之後, 他們都強烈地建議他創辦一個非營利組織機構, 這樣可以使更多的人來參與到這個有意義的事工當中. 光靠他和妻子單打獨鬥是無法滿足這個禾場的強大需求. 經過多次的商量, 他的妻子不僅同意他的想法, 而且給了基金會一個名字:生命光. 聖經約翰福音8章12節說:“耶穌又對眾人說, 我是世界的光;跟從我的, 就不在黑暗裡走, 必要得著生命的光. ”生命光教育基金會正式成立了.

回首過去的十一年, 在我們的捐助者和同工的貢獻和努力的支持下, 生命光持續地向前發展. 迄今為止, 我們幫助了三所盲人職業高中, 使三千多名失明青年得到了必要的職業教育, 不再成為家庭和社會的負擔. 現在有超過兩百名盲人因為生命光教育基金會的幫助而就讀大學和研究生課程. 2009年, 我們在中國建立了盲人活動中心. 同一年, 我們帶領一個短宣隊進入中國. 團員大部分由美國的年輕人組成, 他們前往海外宣教並表達他們對學校和學生的支持. 這個短宣活動是我們基金會的亮點之一. 我們也支持兩個盲人教會, 並在中國建立了幾個團契小組. 2012年, 雷先生參與創立了另一個盲人宣教組織-盲福會. 通過這兩個組織, 成千上萬的盲人有機會聽到並接受福音的好消息. 請參閱“我們的事工”部分, 以便了解更多我們今天正在做的事情!

Board Members


President & Secretary




the President and founder of Life Light foundation is a partially blind individual who began losing his eye sight in 1993. Despite this disability, he was able to maintain a relatively normal life and become a successful entreprenuer as the President of Winneram International. He retired from his position as President in 2015, and now serves as Chairman of the board. He has devoted his efforts to serving in Life Light ever since.


is a director and secretary of Life Light and the wife of William. Without her support, none of this would be possible.


is a Director of Life Light and will oversee policy and direction of the organization. Robert was an owner and attorney at Choate and Choate law firm in Los Angeles before retiring in 2015.



生命光教育基金會的會長兼創始人, 是一個後天失明的人. 他在1993年開始失明. 通過自身的努力, 成為一個殘而不廢的企業經營者. 在他自身創辦的美國大洋國際貿易公司做總裁直到2015年退休. 其後, 全職擔任生命光教育基金會的董事會主席, 至今一直在為生命光的事務努力工作.


生命光教育基金會的董事兼秘書, 雷玉林會長的妻子. 生命光教育基金會的成立和發展與她的支持是密不可分的.


生命光教育基金會的董事, 負責監督組織的政策和方向. 在2015年退休之前, Robert是洛杉磯Choate和Choate律師事務所的所有人和執業律師.