First quarter Life Light letter of 2024

Dear Life Light Friends,   Peace in the Lord! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration! His resurrection is the greatest grace we have received from God. As it turns out, while I was on a recent trip with my wife, we observed and celebrated Easter on Easter Island this year. It is [...]

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Life Light 2023 Christmas Letter

Dear Life Light Friend ,  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our annual Thanksgiving and sharing dinner party went very well this year. We were happy that many of our friends were able to join us as we shared about our ministry. Highlights of the night include sharing our vision for the future of Life Light Educational Foundation.   We [...]

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生命光2023 Thanksgiving and Sharing party Recap 生命光2023感恩參會分享回顧

Dear Life Light Friends, It was a pleasure to see many of you at this year's sharing dinner party hosted on, October 29. With much gratitude I can report, 70 friends kindly attended the event and enjoyed the delicious food throughout the evening. Highlights of the night include sharing our vision for the future of [...]

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Events On or Before 1st Quarter of 2023

Dear Life Light Friends, Peace in the Lord! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! To observe his birth (Christmas) and resurrection day (Easter) are two of the most meaningful celebration events for Christians. Without Him, there would be no salvation. In the last two months, our ministry in China was interrupted by government officials [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Life Light Friends: It’s the joyful holiday season again. Our annual thanksgiving/sharing dinner party went very well this year.  We are so grateful that we were able to resume it again. We would like to thank you all for coming out and supporting us despite the COVID threat. At the party we shared following important events: 1.We are [...]

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Life Light 2022 Sharing/Thanksgiving Dinner Party Recap 生命光2022感恩餐会回顾

Dear Life Light friends: This year’s Thanksgiving sharing party, held on Nov. 5th, was very successful. There were around 80 friends who attended our party despite the COVID threat.   At the party we made an important announcement.  We are shifting our vision to diversify our ministry away from concentrating on the blind in China to [...]

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親愛的生命光朋友們, 主內平安!復活節快到了,我們應該永遠記念祂的恩典。沒有祂的舍己,我們就無法得救。 「你們得救是本乎恩,也因信,不是出於自己,乃是神所賜的。」以弗所書2: 2-8。 因為疫苗有效用,所以盡管病毒有不同的變種,但病毒的癥狀和死亡率已大大下降,使我們可以重新回到正常生活。看起來在美國病毒已經得到了有效控製。希望我們在黑暗的隧道中看到光明,我祈禱疫情很快就能結束! 時間過得很快!請讓我與您分享我們事工在過去的六個月中所做的事情: 一、 短宣事工: 我們的教會已經取消了今年夏季短期宣教計劃的可能性。我們會再看看可以做些什麽來應對這個變化。我們知道上帝的供應總是比我們所求的更多! 二、 教育事工: a)在專業教育方面,我們有其他的擴展!去年除了幫助一些盲人學生尋求高等教育機會外,我們最近還幫助了另一位盲人研究生。她在北愛爾蘭的一所大學攻讀碩士學位,主修視障人士特別協助。我們有機會在4 月 15日我們到不列顛群島旅行期間,在貝爾法斯特見到她。由於她一個人在國外留學,希望這次的見面能給她一些鼓勵。 b) 在神學教育方面,今年將有5名盲人學生從西南浸信會神學院完成碩士學位畢業。我們計劃邀請這 5 名學生中的 2 名參加畢業典禮。畢業典禮之後,我們計劃在一個美南浸信會教堂為他們安排按牧典禮。 三、 網絡宣教: 今年年初,中國政府宣布從 3 月 1 日起對網絡實施更加嚴格的管控。因此,我們成立了一家名為 Life Light Ai Mang Culture (生命光愛茫文化)的公司。希望用它作為我們其他線上事工的遮蓋。能夠讓我們在中國的盲人同工們可以繼續運營和上傳節目到我們其他的線上事工頻道,這真是太棒了。希望在我們克服所有困難後,我們的網絡宣教事工會更加強大。 四、臺灣的音樂布道事工 即便在去年5月至7月暫停後,臺灣音樂布道事工目前依然穩定,一切都恢復了正常。我們繼續將贊美和榮耀歸給神! 除了我們上面報告的內容之外,我們很高興讓您知道,目前生命光依然在不斷地壯大!我們事工的所有方面取得的成就幾乎都是按照計劃完成了。 Life Light會繼續致力於執行我們的事工目標和項目。願上帝保守並帶領我們前面的道路。請繼續支持並為我們禱告。謝謝大家!   生命之光教育基金會   雷玉林 William Lei   Dear Life Light Friends, Peace in the Lord! Easter is approaching [...]

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2021 Life Light Christmas Letter

Dear LifeLight Friends , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Time really does fly! It's the joyful holiday season once again. Due to the impact of COVID-19 variation, this year's Life Light annual sharing and Thanksgiving dinner party was unfortunately canceled.  Although we are still in uncertain times and living an abnormal lifestyle, we are happy to inform you [...]

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2021 LifeLight Minitry Report 生命光2021年事工報告

Dear Life Light Friends Peace in the Lord! At the end of the first quarter we thought everything would be back to normal by the second half of the year. With more people having taken the vaccine and with the warm summer weather, it seemed likely that we would have COVID-19 under control in the United States. However,  the delta [...]

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