Dear Life Light Friends,


Peace in the Lord! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration! His resurrection is the greatest grace we have received from God. As it turns out, while I was on a recent trip with my wife, we observed and celebrated Easter on Easter Island this year. It is an island located in the middle of South Pacific Ocean and the closest mainland (such as south America and Australia) is thousands of miles away. It was a mere coincidence because we did not purposely plan this trip to align with the Easter holiday. It was a beautiful experience and it was a reminder to me, of God’s plan for us and his unending grace in our lives.


Time has once again passed quickly! Let me share with you what has been happening in our ministry in the past six months:


  1.  Short-term missions:

Our church has officially started the short-term mission program again. We still want to form a small group to visit Zheng Zhou Blind school, even though the Chinese Government restrictions are still on going. Due to the advice given to us from our Chinese co-worker, Ines and I decided not to join the missions trip this summer. Despite withdrawing from the team, we will instead be making a short training program video for members to use.

At this moment, there will be only be two members from our church attending, along with two members from China . However, we still plan to have a zoom meeting on July 14th, altogether with previous short term mission members in U.S, the Zheng Zhou Blind High School students and with our mission members at the school. It will be a combination of a Sunday worship service and a student talent show. Our purpose is to extend our love and devotion to the blind students, even though most of us can’t physically be present with them. It is our hope that the outcome will be as abundant and fruitful as previous short-term missions trips.

  1. Educational Ministry:

In the past, we only helped college or vocational high school students. However, in recent years God has provided us with opportunities to help more blind students who seek higher education degrees. In terms of theological education, we continue to support the complete tuition expenses for students who are studying at China Theological Seminary and Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary.


  1. Online ministry:
    In spite of all disruption last year, we haven’t seen too much government interference this current year. With all of the religious channels on the YY being forced to close, we found another similar facility (Love to Chat) which can ultimately provide the same function. Thankfully, our other online mission operations continue to run smoothly and as normally as possible at this point. We have confidence that God will always provide us with more than we ask for!


The Life Light Music ministry in Taiwan has added another service, in the form of a monthly meeting called, Tea Tasting Appreciation Club, in addition to their regular music worship service in Taiwan churches. As far as our effort to diversify our ministry to concentrate less in China, we have the following progress to report. In January  Edith and I had an interview meeting with a member from the Lutheran Braille Worker. We engaged in an extensive discussion about their new program and plans to expand their services in different areas.

Also, in February of this year, Ines along with Edith, Yinuo and I went to join a special event for visually impaired children at Braille Institute Los Angeles.


Edith will join their event called, The Braille Challenge, as volunteer helper at USC this coming June. William also serves on the board as Treasure with the Pasadena Blind Club. We pray God continues to lead us in getting more involved in local ministries outside of China in the near future.


Please join us in prayer that God will continue to bless our ministry and provide us with many more abundant years to come.

In Him,


William Lei


Life Light Educational Foundation




主內平安! 希望大家度過了一個愉快的複活節! 主的複活是我們從神所領受的最大的恩典。 事實上,最近我和妻子一起去了復活島旅行,在那裡參觀並並慶祝了複活節。 復活島是位於南太平洋中部的一個島嶼,距離最近的大陸(如南美和澳大利亞)有數千英裡之遙。時間上純屬巧合,因爲我們並沒有特意計劃這次旅行以配合複活節假期。 這是一次美好的經曆,它提醒我,上帝對我們的計劃以及他在我們生命中無儘的恩典。

時間過得很快! 讓我與大家分享過去六個月我們事工中所髮生的事情:

  1. 短宣:

我們教會再次正式啟動短期宣教計劃。 儘管中國政府的限製仍在繼續,但我們還是想組成一支個團隊去探訪鄭州盲人學校。 根據我們的中國同工給出的建議,我和Ines決定今年夏天不參加宣教之旅。 雖然退出了隊伍,但我們也製作一個簡單的短宣培訓視頻供隊員使用。

目前,有兩名我們教會的成員參加,還有兩名來自中國的成員。 不過,我們仍然計劃在7月14日舉行一次Zoom會議,與之前的短宣隊成員、鄭州盲人學校的學生以及我們在學校的宣教成員一起分享。 聚會將是以主日崇拜和學生才藝表演相結合的形式進行。 我們的目的是向盲人學生表達我們的愛和鼓勵,儘管我們大多數人無法親自和他們在一起。 仍希望此次探訪能夠像以往的短宣一樣精彩、富有成果。

  1. 教育事工:

過去我們隻幫助大學生或職業高中生。 然而,近年來上帝爲我們提供了機會來幫助更多尋求高等教育的盲人學生。 在神學教育方麵,我們也繼續資助在中華神學院和西南浸信會神學院就讀的學生的全額學費。

  1. 網宣事工:

在去年事工出現了各種幹擾,今年卻並沒有受到太多政府幹預。 隨着YY上所有宗教頻道被迫關閉,我們找到了另一個類似的平颱(Love to Chat),可以提供相同的功能。 值得慶幸的是,我們其他的一些網絡宣教工作目前能正常、順利地運行。 我們堅信,神給我們的永遠比我們所求的更多!



一月份,Edith和我與路德盲文印刷廠的一名工作人員進行了一次會麵。 我們對他們的新計劃進行了深入的討論,並計劃將他們的服侍擴展到不同領域。


今年六月,Edith將作爲南加州大學誌願者的幫助者參加名爲“盲文挑戰”的活動。 雷玉林還擔任帕薩迪納盲人俱樂部的董事會成員。 我們祈求上帝在不久的將來繼續帶領我們在中國以外的地區參與更多的事工。