Dear Life Light Friend , 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our annual Thanksgiving and sharing dinner party went very well this year. We were happy that many of our friends were able to join us as we shared about our ministry. Highlights of the night include sharing our vision for the future of Life Light Educational Foundation.   We are shifting our focus to diversify our ministry away from predominantly concentrating on the blind in China, in order to support other organizations ministering to the blind. Our younger co-workers also presented on what has transpired within our ministry since last year’s sharing dinner party. You may go to the following link to enjoy some photos and videos about our dinner party and sharing power point:

William, Edith, Yinuo and Catherine shared the following:


  1. Our visit to Southwest Seminary for the Masters of Theology Study graduation ceremony and visit to our Taiwan office.
  2. The visit to Braille Institute and Lutheran Braille Workers in January and April of this year. Hopefully, Life Light can continue to build stronger working relationships with them in the near future.
  3. About our education ministry and online mission both continually going strong. Currently, the focus is to spend more time promoting Life Light’s LL Radio online station in Los Angeles. It is our hope to have more visually impaired people listening and enjoying our outstanding radio programs.
  4. Concluded the evening by informing our guests about our annual short-term mission trip.


Please join us in prayer that God will continue to bless our ministry.  Our ministry would not be possible without your generous donations and support.

Have a wonderful holiday season! 

In Him,

William Lei



今年我們一年一度的感恩節分享晚宴進行得很順利。 我們很高興許多朋友能夠參加我們,並一同分享我們的事工。 當天的聚會我們分享了生命光教育基金會未來的願景。 我們正在調整事工的重點,我們的事工不再只主要集中在中國的盲人身上,也開始支持一些其他為盲人服務的機構。 我們的年輕同工也介紹了自去年分享晚宴以來我們事工中所發生的事情。 您可以點擊以下鏈接來欣賞我們晚宴的一些照片和視頻以及當晚聚會的power point:


  1. 參加西南神學院神學碩士畢業典禮並參觀臺灣辦事處。

2.今年1月和4月訪問盲文學院和路德盲文印刷廠。 希望生命光在不久的將來能夠繼續與他們建立更穩定的合作關系。

  1. 關於我們的教育事工和網絡宣教事工都在不斷發展壯大。 目前,重點是花更多時間推廣生命光位於洛杉磯的LL Radio 網絡電臺。 我們希望有更多的視障人士收聽並享受我們優秀的廣播節目。
  2. 晚會最後向我們的客人報告了我們一年一度的短期宣教旅行。