Bring light to life with good news and serve the blind with love!
– President William Lei’s sharing on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s day! Today I would like to share with you about the important role of love in a family.

In the past, I used to think the most important and only responsibility of a man was to support and provide a comfortable life for his family. That alone would make him a good father and husband. However, in 2004 I started my ministry in China, and we began to concentrate on providing educational opportunities and brining the gospel to the Chinese blind.  Because of my busy schedule, I was neglecting my family’s needs other than just arranging a comfortable and stable life for them. Now, I realize that is not sufficient enough for ANY family. What they need most is love and companionship! Children are an asset from God. We should also provide them with uncondtional love and care!

Thanks be to our Lord, for giving us this great opportunity during COVID-19! Because we are required to stay home, we are blessed to spend more time with our family members and offer them our love and attention. It is our prayer that all fathers can utilize the love given from God to build a solid foundation for their family! May God bless you all! (This sharing was Produced by Life Light Educational Foundation and has been broadcasted on the Chinese Outreach radio program)