Dear Life Light friends:

As we all know, last February of 2018, the Chinese government placed extra attention on all religious activities in China. This has led to some level of uncertainty for us.  But with proper advance planning and precautions handling, we completed our ministry last year with satisfactory results. Praise the Lord!

Currently, we are working on a 2020 short-term mission trip scheduled for this coming June. We plan to follow what we have been doing for the past two years. Please pray that God would lead us on how to best form this team and program.

Our primary goal of supporting blind students in receiving needed education, including vocational high school, university and even graduate school training is operating smoothly! Our prayer is that there will be more blind students willing to take the opportunity to study at a seminary to equip themselves for future service.

Our blind music group is also doing very well! Currently, they are attempting to arrange music evangelistic performances with various churches in Taiwan. This process started last year and they continue to receive very warm responses. This year, they plan to visit Penang, Malaysia, Washington D.C. and surrounding cities. We hope, as usual, that the church congregations we minister too, will be touched when they hear the worship team singing hymns, playing musical instruments and sharing about our ministry to the blind and visually impaired in China.

In order to provide a back channel outside China to broadcasting our radio program, which is produced by blind Chinese, we have created an online radio station, lifelight radio, in the U.S.A. We proudly highlight the fact that our online radio programs are professionally produced, either partially or fully, by our blind Chinese co-workers. These programs are a great way to cater to people who prefer to listen through online and cell phone services. You may type or click in your computer or cell phone. By following some simple steps, you can enjoy our radio program anytime and anywhere! Please join us in prayer for God to bless this new area of our ministry.

You may go to the links below to enjoy some photos/videos from our events this past year. Please pray for us to continue to have many more blessed years to come.

In Him,

William Lei

2019年東亞英語夏令營(2019 East Asia English Summer Camp)

2019年分享餐會 (2019 Thanksgiving/sharing dinner party)

2019年生命光藝術團北加州佈道會 (2019 Lifelight Music group Northern California tour)