Dear Life Light friends:

Last February, the Chinese government placed extra attention on all religious activities in China. This has led to some level of uncertainty for us and we have had to make certain adjustments to our ministry in China. We truly appreciate our co-workers and Lifelight friends for their effort and support throughout these past years. As a result, we are still able to accomplish many achievements.  Praise the Lord!

In 2018 we made changes to the short term mission team in light of the political circumstances, we had to downsize our team members, we shortened the length of time in the blind school, and changed our program. Currently, we are working on a 2019 short-term mission trip scheduled for this June. Please pray that God would show us how to best form this team and program.

After serving at the Chinese Mission Conference in late 2017, our blind music group then continued their evangelistic tour in early 2018 by visiting churches and organizations in Southern California.  They also created more music, had an evangelistic tour spanning Australia in August, and in November their tour led them back to the United States in various churches around Texas.  In 2019, the current plan is to visit Singapore and Malaysia in May, then New York area in August, and wrap up the tour in Northern California in November. We hope, as usual, that the church congregations we minister too will be touched when they hear the worship team singing hymns, playing musical instruments and sharing about our ministry to the blind and visually impaired in China.

The program of encouraging blind students to engage in studying theology is still going very well. There are currently 35-40  students enrolled at the Chinese Theology Seminary and 5 students attending the master’s degree program at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Our prayer is that there will be more blind students willing to take this opportunity to equip themselves in the future.

Due to the fact that we live in the internet era and new strict religious policies in China, we decided to focus more on online ministry in the U.S. We have finished rebuilding our website ( and have added many more advanced features such as an online radio, online store, and online teaching. We are proud to highlight that our online radio programs are professionally produced, either partially or fully, by our blind Chinese co-workers. These programs are a great way to cater to people who prefer to listen online. Hopefully, this will bring more frequent visitors to our site. Please join us in prayer that God will bless this new area of our ministry.

You may go to the links below to enjoy some photos/videos from our events this past year. Please pray for us to continue to have many more blessed years to come.


In Him,

William Lei

President of Life Light Educational Foundation

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