Dear Lifelight friends:

From the later part of 2016 through the early part of 2018 was a great and memorable period of time for us. Praise the Lord! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our co-workers and Lifelight friends for their help and support throughout these past years. Without them we would not have been able to accomplish the many achievements as stated below:


  1. We translated William’s personal testimony into an English version and re-named it, “Blind Eyes, Open Heart.”
  2. We published another book, “12 Baskets of Grace” which talks about 12 blind missioners’ personal testimonies.
  3. We published our 2nd music CD which was created, produced, recorded and sang by our Life Light Music Group.

Video and slide show:

  1. We produced one 7 minute video film to celebrate our Life Light Educational Foundation’s 10 years anniversary.
  2. We produced one 3.5 minute video film for the Life Light Music Group to celebrate, Mission for Blind Chinese, 5th year anniversary.
  3. As usual, we made a slide /video show for the 2017 short term mission trip.


  1. In June, we formed our annual short term mission team to visit Zheng Zhou Blind School. After that, we went to Beijing and arranged a short visit to the Beijing Union College and Beijing Blind High School. We had lunch and dinner with the students which we currently support. In addition, we also hosted a 3 day / 2 night summer camp with a local church and their congregation.
  2. We hosted an expanded annual Thanksgiving / sharing dinner party to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.
  3. Our Life Light Music Group were very honored to be invited to lead three music worship services last December at the Chinese Mission Conference. We then continued our evangelistic tour to visit churches and organizations in Southern California. We had 22 performances and Sunday worship services in 23 days. It was a very successful trip! These congregations were very touched when they heard the worship team sing hymns, playing musical instruments and sharing about our ministry to the blind and visually impaired in China.

Theology study:

In addition to the three overseas schools that are currently involved with, we also made a connection with one of the top U.S. seminary’s that are offering graduate school programs for Chinese missionaries. Currently, we are glad to send 4 students (3 blind and 1 sighted) who are enrolled in their master degree program.  William was invited to share about our ministry in China at their grand opening dinner event. It is our prayer that there will be more blind students willing to take this opportunity to equip themselves in the future.

You may go to the links below to enjoy some photos/videos from our events this past year. Please pray for us to continue to have many more blessed years to come.

In Him,

 William Lei

President of Life Light Educational Foundation

Please see below four links:

2017 Short Term Mission video/slide show:


The slide show to celebrate Mission for Blind Chinese 5th years



The slide show to celebrate our 10th year anniversary:


The video show for our 10th year thanksgiving/sharing dinner party