Dear Lifelight friends:

Our dinner party on Sept. 24 was a successful one. There were around 90 friends who attended our party and highly enjoyed the good food and programs.  Below are some important activities that happened this year.

Before we started our short term mission trip, we went to join the National summer retreat for blind Christians in Tang Shan first. This special event catered to our seminary students, fellowship group leaders and co-workers. Along with the great music, messages and worship, two theology courses were provided in those 4 days. Around 100 blind and sighted adults joined this retreat.   We also conduct a graduation ceremony for 6 seminary students and ordained 5 of them as ministers to serve our organization.

Right after the retreat, we went to Zheng Zhou Blind School for this year’s STM trip.  As usual, we taught them English massage terms, sang hymns and introduced Western culture, etc.  We also took students to an outing trip. On the last Sunday, we requested the school allow us to have a real Sunday worship service at school, so students could experience the important Western cultural event. And 36 students accepted Christ after William made the call during the service.  Our biggest challenge now is how to continue the follow up work since it is very far from our base in Beijing.

After the successful and exciting STM experience in Zheng Zhou, we faced some difficulties when we visited Beijing Blind School.  First, the school cut our visiting time from 4 days to 2 days. Second, they did not allow us to be with the students in the daytime. And our school contact ordered us not to teach students any hymns and religious stories. We were only allowed to play games and sports with them. Their superior kept a close eye on us. We decided to use our actions and love as a tool to influence students. At the end, those students were very happy and touched by our warm and caring attitude. We also started to provide scholarships to 5 blind students who just passed the college examination.    One of our new goals is to sponsor more blinds to get higher education. We will have to re-evaluate the possibility of visiting this school again next summer.

The program of encouraging blinds to attend Seminary school is going very well. There are three schools that are involved with us now. We hope there will be more blinds willing to take this opportunity to equip themselves.

After our Lifelight music Worship team had a very successful tour in L.A. last year, we arranged another 18 performances tour in the bay area between July and August this year. The congregations were overwhelmingly touched when they heard the worship team singing hymns, playing musical instruments and sharing about our ministry to the visually impaired Chinese. Because we had such a warm reception to both events, we are planning another tour to visit the East Coast of the U.S. among other great plans for next year. Please pray that all of next year’s plans can be achieved.

You may go to the links below to enjoy some photos/videos from our events this year. Please pray for us that we can continue to have many more blessed years to come.

In Him,

William Lei

President of Life Light Educational Foundation

Please see below two links:

Video show for our this year activities:

One of Bay area performance: