Dear Lifelight friends:

Our dinner party on September 15 was a successful one. There were around 100 friends who attended.
We had our Summer Short Term Mission trip in Zheng Zhou instead of in Beijing this year because the blind school in Beijing is temporarily closed due to a license issue. Even though we tried our best to save the school by paying the rent, hiring teachers, and shouldering other expenses, the school was still not able to meet the Government requirements. Our short term mission trip was a new experience for us. The principal is not a believer yet, but we were allowed to tell the Christian story and teach hymns as introductions to the American history/culture. Before we arrived, we knew we needed to be alert and made sure we did not go over the boundary line. But with God’s blessing, both the school principal and vice principal were not at school during that period of time because of Government official meetings. We were able to spread the gospel freely and in the end, 29 out of 43 students accepted Christ. At the farewell party, the vice principal was in tears when she found the students had such huge changes in just 8 short days.
Right after the short term mission, we went to join the National summer retreat for the blind Christians in Shen Yang . On top of music, messages and worship, two theology courses were provided in those 4 days. Around 50 blind people joined this event and 6 of them decided to devote their life to serve Lord.
The program that we established together with a Seminary school in Taiwan is going very well. There are 28 students who have finished two quarters, 7 students will finish their first quarter class, and there will be 10 more students enrolling on October 3rd. We expect to have some students graduate at end of 2014 and most of the students will finish in June 2015. We have to thank the invention of the computer which has enabled blind students to take all the classes online. This has been a blessing because it removes the burden of physically going to the campus to take classes.
Finally, Lifelight has also helped the formation of three blind fellowship groups throughout China that meet together for bible study and worship. Two more fellowship groups will be established this year. All five groups will also form their own music worship teams equipped with instruments provided for by Lifelight.
Please pray for us that we can continue to have many more blessed years.

In Christ,
William Lei